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'I have been using the Affera products for just over 1 year now. I met Lisa at the local Poco farmer's market in Jul/11. At that time I was using the 'another brand' of mineral makeup to cover the rosacea on my face which I have had since childhood. What I didn't appreciate was the fact that the 'other brand' contained many chemicals & fillers & it was only by trying on the Affera birch that I realized how much better this felt! There are only 3 ingredients & they are all natural. My face looks & feels better. Lisa had said that the rosacea might also get better which it has ~ less inflammation & redness ~ with the Affera. I love that the company is local in Burnaby & that Lisa is out there representing these great local products. I have tried other makeups in the past & the Affera is by far the best. I use the 'birch' every day & most days only need to apply once in the morning. The makeup looks & feels great & the price is less than I was paying for the 'other brand'. Thank you Lisa for this great product. I also use the Affera spritzers & have received many compliments about the nice scent. My girlfriend loves it!' Keep up the good work!" L

"Thanks for a fun Wedding Consultation Lisa.  I love my new products and my maid-of-honor and I had a great time with you."  Darcy



"I discovered Affera makeup a few years ago when I was living in Vancouver and have been in love with it ever since!  I'm not really into makeup that much which is why I love this makeup because it doesn't feel like I have a ton of chemicals caked onto my face and it last much longer then any other makeup I've used in the past.  I have very sensitive skin and am very protective of it so it's nice to find a company that doesn't add filler and other toxins to make the products cheaper.  If you love your skin then you shouldn't mind paying a little extra to know that you are getting a safe, natural product!  Keep it up Affera!"  Crystal


"Great Products! I especially like the Affera foundation - FINALLY found a foudation that stays on and isn't heavy, sticky, or otherwise! It's real mineral make-up and not simply claiming to be...it wears like you're not even applying make-up! AND has a natural SPF factor because of the contents. I didn't have to put extra sunblock on at all this summer - and never suffered any sunburn. BEST. FOUNDATION. EVER."  Robin



 "Hi Lisa,
I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to your products! I stopped using the two acne meds that my doctor had prescribed when i bought your foundation and powder, like you suggested. It took about a month, but i don't have to use my prescription meds anymore! my skin is doing what it needs to do without the meds and my make-up isn't getting in the way. (In fact, it's probably helping.) So thank you!"  Zosia

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Lori Petryk, RD, MSc, Producer, Host has this to say:

 “I love Affera! I have to film for hours sometimes, walking through barns, fields, and factories sun a blazing (with no make-up person following me around)   It's just me and my camera man. Using Affera, I never have to worry about touch-ups or putting on more sunscreen, as once I apply my Affera make-up, I know I can trust it stays put, it looks natural,  and all I have to worry about is making sure we get the shot!”